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ABELUSI’s members are former executives, experts and leaders who strive to turn their experience into solutions for the future. One of their attributes is to help others by coaching, mentoring and/or counselling by sharing their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of others.

See the Abelusi Social Business Plan.

Here below are listed our members who are currently available to provide their personal help. A coloured indicator provides a general area of expertise More information may be provided by a link to their LinkedIn page or within the box which can be opened by the “+” next to their name.

An indicator also lists where they are based.

To make an Enquiry send an email to the address indicated with the Locality. Please provide your full name, phone number, WhatsApp availability and the details of your request including the name(s) your preference for a coach or mentor.

Someone will come back to you within 2 working days.

Locality & Email Address

 Abelusi Global

 Abelusi KZN, South Africa

 switzerlandAbelusi CH


1  Agriculturist
2  Engineer
3  Entrepreneur
4  Expert/Specialist
5  Generalist
6 Hotel/Restaurant
7  Leader/Manager
8  Marketing/Sales
9  Career Counselling

john allen
Entrepreneur, Generalist, Leader/Manager
John Allen

You can contact John by email:

Henry Vergnaud
Hotel/Restaurant, Leader/Manager, Career Counselling
Henry Vergnaud

You can contact Henry by email:

Christiane Stepanek-Allen
Expert/Specialist, Leader/Manager, Career Counselling
Christiane Stepanek-Allen

You can contact Christiane by email:

Dr. Jörg Weber
Expert/Specialist, Leader/Manager
Dr. Jörg Weber

You can contact Jörg by email:

Tony Hesp
Expertise 3. 4. 6.
Jeff Jafta

Head of Personnel
Nestlé (Pty) Ltd ’89 – ’92.
HR Director
Eddels (Pty) Ltd ’92 – ’98.
HR Development Manager
Umgeni Water ’98 – ’04.
Executive Director
HR & Administration 04 – 07 &
HR Management & Development
KZN Department of Arts & Culture 07 – 21

Long term Non Executive Board member on a number of Boards.
Currently, I am the Chairperson: Abelusi KZN.

You can contact Jeff by email:

Terry Strachan
Expertise 3. 6.
Terry Strachan

You can contact Terry by email:

Tony Hesp
Entrepreneur, Expert/Specialist, Leader/Manager
Tony Hesp

You can contact Tony by email:

Tony Hesp
Entrepreneur, Marketing and Sales
Di Milford

30+ Year Portfolio in the Non-governmental organization Sector:

  • Training and Development.
  • Local, National and International Fundraising.
  • NGO Social Media.

Registered and trained Facilitator for the Association of Fundraising Professional (AFP) (USA).

Co-author of The Basics of Fundraising in South Africa Training Manual covering; Legal Registration requirements, Funders, Proposal and Report writing.

20 years General Manager of the NGO: Monitoring and Evaluation of funding received in a number of projects such as HIV and AIDS; Community gardens; Fashion Training and Entrepreneurial Development; Early Childhood Development and General Facilitation.

You can contact Di by email:

Tony Hesp
Expert: Agriculture
Rob Raw

I have been in the agricultural business for over 35 years. I have had various businesses including supplying seed, fertilizer, and agricultural chemicals and advising rural farmers who plant maize, cotton,
sugarcane, and vegetable crops.

You can contact Rob by email: