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Shepherding Others for the Magic of Their Success

Partnership is important to Abelusi. In uplifting a community, enterprise, or person, the more interested parties with common goals, shared values and resources there are then the more effective and successful  the outcome. ‘Working together’ is what it is all about and the joys and challenges that come with it. These pages are here to mark the respect and acknowledgement we have for our partners – operational, sponsors and donors.

Our Partners


A channel through which retired international civil servants willing to contribute to the global development effort can make their experience and expertise available, on a volunteer basis.
Has two main aims:

  • help with integration into the Geneva environment through assistance to non-resident delegations, to permanent missions, to international organizations, to NGOs or others requiring advice and/or practical help and
  • participate in the efforts of the international community in support of developing and least developed countries through identification and implementation of specific projects, and help with fund-raising.

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women in business

Women In Business is very proud of a history of 16 years of voluntary service.   As a Non Profit Organisation (2020/911027/08) we have supported and encouraged all with whom we have had the pleasure of interacting with. The organisation is managed by three voluntary directors and overseen by a voluntary committee. Any funds raised are solely used for the purpose of the pursuance of entrepreneurial excellence of our members.

Women In Business hosts various events (virtual and actual)  to share knowledge, skills, information and to network with one another.  Currently we are only hosting virtual events to ensure the health and safety of all our members and associates.

Women In Business has members, associates and partners across South Africa, Africa and Internationally.  Our footprint is ever widening.  With the onset of the CORONA Virus threat we have managed to grow exponentially through technology.  We encourage all our members to conduct their businesses on a level never before imaged.  There is no limit to the boundaries to reach potential consumers/customers.
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